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Welcome To Provil

 At Provil we presently run academic programmes in Pre-Nursery, Nursery, Primary and Secondary education as approved by Ministry of Education in Nigeria. The emphasis is on National curriculum and teaching staff display a very high level of competence in the above mentioned curriculum

Our Facilities


Standard Science Labs

Our Science labs are well equipped with all apparatus and oxides for better and more explanatory practicals.


Standard Basket Ball Court

We have access to one of the biggest basketball courts in Nigeria here at provil schools.


Standard Music Studio

We engage our student in addition talent display and school of though with music.


Spacious Game Zones

Our Students are engaged in alot of games after a long session of educational impact to refresh their brains.


Standard Practical Zones

Our founders have a cumulative teaching experience which involves actual practicals to express what is learnt.


Ict Laboratories

In world today where technology has taken the order of the day, our Ict lab is well equipped with computers and other gadgets.

When you enroll your child at Provil, you’re getting the benefit of years of educator experience coupled with world-class learning and conducive environment.

Student Of The Year

Popoola Enioluwa

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